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Educational Didgeridoo Workshop - One Session

Sample Educational Single Session Workshop

This is a sample generic 'one session' lesson plan based on a class of 30 pupils. Please note the times of the activities etc. are not set in this example but can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the group e.g. introduction (10mins).

Learning Intentions: Aims and Objectives

  • To appreciate and learn about the culture of indigenous native Australians.
  • To appreciate the culture of the oldest continuous culture in the world.
  • To focus pupils on rhythm styles of different cultures.
  • Allow pupils to explore the difference between Western and traditional indigenous Australian Music.



  • Matt introduces himself and describes how he started playing the didgeridoo.
  • A talk about the didgeridoo and its role in indigenous Australian culture.
  • Lightly touch on other parts of aboriginal Australian culture and history.
  • Demonstration of playing.
  • Collect responses from class.

Main Activity

  • Start with educational and informative video/DVD featuring amongst other, Djalu Gurruwiwi, a tribal elder of the Galpu clan and spiritual custodian of the didgeridoo. DVD takes the viewer from the city centres of Australia to the bush in North east Arnhem Land, where Djalu selects a tree, cuts it down and makes a didgeridoo. The film also includes examples of dancing by children of Djalu's tribe and painting of didgeridoos by Djalu's wife.
  • Pupils are given PVC didgeridoos with everyone (including teachers) being encouraged to have a go at playing! Matt demonstrates some of the basic techniques which the pupils imitate and copy.
  • The last part of the workshop is primarily a question and answer session.

Key Questions/Plenary

  • What do you know/have learnt about this instrument?
  • How well were you able to make a sound or rhythm with the didgeridoo?
  • What do you think you did best?
  • Explain to your partner what you think the patterns on the didgeridoo represent.
  • Due to the depth and richness of the culture surrounding the didgeridoo, questions flow throughout the entire workshop.


  • Wooden didgeridoos for demonstration.
  • PVC didgeridoos for pupils (and staff) to play.
  • DVD (provided).
  • DVD player (not provided).

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