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Individual Didgeridoo Tuition

Didgeridoo - One to One lessons - whatever your level or ability.

Many people have asked me over the years for individual workshops or lessons whether they were complete novices new to the didgeridoo, been playing for a while but wanted to improve their technique, or wanted to learn circular breathing.

For complete novices I can teach the basics of making a noise and achieving a sustained drone, then build on that by introducing new aspects of playing that will help the persons repertoire grow.

Didgeridoo players who can achieve the basic playing technique can expand their ability by learning newer, more complex techniques. These might include making animal noises, building rhythms, blowing overtone notes, bounce breathing and more.

The didgeridoo is often associated with circular breathing - the art of breathing in and out at the same time, which is used to maintain a constant note from the didge without the need to take a breath. Although this is physically impossible, didge players have learnt how to simulate this and although it is not essential to learn in order to play the didge, it is often treated as a benchmark of playing. Circular breathing can also be applied to other wind instruments.

More advanced players may wish to improve their techniques to get the most out of their playing such as double and triple tonguing, drop jaw breathing and effects, breathing on the overtone or toot. Whatever your level of playing I can help you develop to the next level.

All the individual lessons and didgeridoo workshops will be conducted at a suitable pace for the pupil. I have often found that it is better to listen and watch a player in order to determine how to improve their playing ability and technique. It is easy to try and learn too much, to soon and end up more confused that when you started. Far, far and away the best way to learn is to become competent in one aspect of playing before moving onto the next as this helps build a far better and more versatile player.

In addition to one-to-one tuition, I can suggest and give examples of numerous learning aids - mostly CD's - that have been produced by a range of people from aboriginal players to more contemporary western playing.

One area I do not teach is traditional playing. I am not a native aboriginal Australian and do not have permission to teach traditional Yidaki or Mago. I often refer to specific traditional players, techniques, rhythms, and their respective CD's, video etc. and will help anyone by pointing them in the right direction. There are areas that cross over between contemporary and traditional playing and it is useful to know and learn what these are.

So why not try and give the didgeridoo a go - its fun, enjoyable and very rewarding. If you already play then why not expand your playing?

To book me for a lesson contact me via my contact page. Click here.

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