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Corporate Didgeridoo Events and Team Building

Didgeridoo workshops and events for business, organisations, and corporations. For team building, fun and educational.

The didgeridoo is a unique musical instrument yet it has such a long established cultural heritage, it often appeals too many outside the direct sphere of learning. Bring a group of people together, teach them the didgeridoo and see how the group interacts and learns. Aside from bringing people together it is innovative and fun and of course educational. A group learn to play the instrument together, build rhythms together and play together as one.

Some of the benefits of holding a workshop or team building event are:

  • Unique instrument with an incredible provenance.
  • Great fun for everyone.
  • Brings people together.
  • Creative
  • Helps people work together.
  • Performing together as one, in rhythm and harmony.
  • Helps people listen.

Sessions can be as short as one hour per and that is all it takes to have a long lasting experience and bring people together with something in common. Each booking is tailored to suit the needs of the client.

Plastic dideridoos are supplied for each workshop along with several wooden didgeridoos for demonstration.

It is possible to purchase a quantity of plastic didgeridoos whether to take away, keep as a memento or for future workshops. The didges can be branded with the companies/clients/business logo or insignia to enhance the memorable experience. As each session and workshop is individually tailored, so are the prices. I always try to deliver the best value possible, so contact me now for a quote.

To book me for a workshop contact me via my contact page. Click here.

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