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Health and Saftety


I'm not going to preach or teach people to 'suck eggs' with health and saftey - its your life and your body. Whatever you get up to, take care and live to tell people down the pub!

Whether working all day, or just quickly finishing something off, safety is paramount. Wood is carcinogenic (makes cancer), and some woods, such as Yew are poisonous. Wood dust will affect the lungs, ears, throat, nose, even when working for short periods of time. Power tools are dangerous as can hand tools be also (my drawknife will testify to that!).

Tools, especially, the Arbortech are extremely vicious and should be used with great care. A friend of mine likened the Arbortech to a solid metal disc with three chainsaw teeth attached. This is a fair analogy.

I use face masks to avoid breathing problems, goggles to protect my eyes, ear defenders when using power tools and gloves. Particular attention should be paid to the face masks as they come in different grades and provide different levels of protection against dust and fumes, so don't just go for the use once disposable variety.

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