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Respect and Thanks

Can't write all this stuff on the internet without at least showing respect to the Yidaki's traditional and cultural origins, and a few friends I've made along the way.

Australian Aboriginal Flag

Australian Aboriginal Flag

As you may have gathered, I am quite enthusiastic (understatement) about the didgeridoo. Yes the instrument has a sound that just sends a quiver down my spine and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Bit it is more than that, a whole lot more.

At first I set out to find out where and what to buy and in the course of doing so, I became entranced with the cultural role it played. (My interpretation), the instrument is used as a means, a vessel to instruct, inform, teach, share knowledge and keep that knowledge alive from generation to generation.

I recall reading in 'The Didgeridoo Phenomenon' that the author noted that people seemed to be totally knowledgeable with the ins and outs of Australia and expressing keen interest in learning more, yet know very little or nothing of their own history and culture. If we were to learn and share in the way the Yidaki has been used in Australia, our culture and heritage would be that much stronger.

My didge journal (once I have fully written up explains the above in greater detail), but suffice to say, that I offer my respect to the cultural custodians of the Yidaki for sharing it with us and hope that I can, in turn share with others.

I am English born and bred and have not as yet visited Australia. I do not write about the 'traditional' side of the instrument as I am not qualified to do so. I hope in the future to have material on this site written by others, but until then please accept this as my personal point of view and no others.

With specific thanks to the following...

  • Nick Burman, without that chance meeting I would never have encountered the didgeridoo.
  • Matt Bartlett, a journey to Norfolk for a 2hour lesson and I was there the day - twice. Great teacher.
  • Pete Idoo NDC, My first didge sale, and several since. Thanks for the support.
  • Jonny Cope, Supporting my work and introducing me to loads of new musical instruments.
  • Les from Adaptatrap, For supporting me by promoting my didges.
  • Tina and Chalky, whose friendship and support has meant so much.

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