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Didge Information

Information, frequently asked questions, history, culture and more about the didgeridoo.

Didge Info contains what it says on the tin. Anything that doesn't have a home goes here, including the Health Benefits of playing the didgeridoo, buying the right didgeridoo, FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), Respect to the indigenous peoples of Australia and more.

Didge Info - Buying the Right Didge

Buying the Right Didge

What to look for and look out for when buying your didgeridoo.

Didge Info - What is a Didge

What is a Didgeridoo

Simple answer: a hollow tube! The other answer takes a bit longer.

Didge Info - Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Didgeridoo helps with sleep problems. Play the didge each day - keep snoring at bay!

Didge Info - Respect


Respect and thanks to the indigenous peoples of Australia..

Didge Info - Didge FAQ

Didge FAQ

Answers to some questions I have been asked about didgeridoos.

Didge Info - Didge Links

Didge Links

Links to didge and didge related websites, plus a few other personal favourites.

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