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Wooden Didgeridoo 0034

All my didgeridoos are hand made by myself, and made to be played. If you want to know what goes into making a wooden didgeridoo such as this, further information can be found in How to Make a Didgeridoo.

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E Sweet Didgeridoo

Background: Long and slim like an ivory tusk, grain is georgeous especially when light reflects of it. Backpressure is good on this didge with a soft edge to the sound. Very easy to toot and a pleasure to play. This piece of Sweet Chestnut is from Hoth Wood in Sussex. I was tempted to bleach the wood to make it resemble a piece of ivory but then the natural won so it has been fonished with three layers of Danish Oil and four layers of Finishing Oil with a couple of layers of wax for good measure.

Wood: Sweet Chestnut

Key: E

Toot: F

Mouthpiece: 27mm

Bell: 7.5x7.5cm

Length: 147.5cm

Weight: 1.6kg

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