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Small Single Top Didgeridoo Performance Stand

UPC/EAN: 0615953960334


  • Colour: Black
  • Footprint: 64cm (25 1/4")
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Max Load: 15kg (33lb)
  • Min Height: 84.5cm (33 1/4")
  • Tube Diameter: 35mm
  • Max Height: 113cm (44 1/2")
This Performance Didgeridoo Stand combines a small stand with a holder for one instrument.
Each holder is ergonomically shaped and lined with 6mm (1/4") rubber for protection and grip. Two strong Velcro straps with adjustable rubber pads hold almost any size and shape didgeridoo safely and securely, giving you hands free and hassle free playing. No more slipping loose half way through playing!
The pivot connecting the stand and holder is a 35mm (1 5/8") heavy duty steel top hat mount, featuring an angle adjustable plate, providing a flexible solution for mounting didgeridoos onto stands. Fits both small and large stand and has a maximum load capacity of 15kg (approx 33lb).
Supporting the didgeridoo is a quality small stand manufactured from 35mm (1 5/8") diameter lightweight aluminium with an extendible centre pole. With its lower height and smaller footprint, it is ideal for supporting your didges when playing sitting down.
The small stand can be used to play standing up but is less stable than the larger stand.
    Stand Features
  • Holds one didgeridoo securely and safely.
  • Fully adjustable joint allows the performer to play with the didgeridoo at an angle or horizontally.
  • Fully height adjustable stand, enabling players of all heights to find a comfortable playing position.
  • Ergonomically shaped holder accommodates nearly any size didge from a didjeribone 32mm (1-1/4"), to 20cm (8").
  • Thick 6mm rubber lining on the holder grips the instrument, keeping it in place and with all screw heads buried, no dents, marks or scratches left on the didge after playing.
  • 2 x 74cm (29 1/8") long Velcro straps help secure all but the largest and most extreme sized didges.
  • Rubber pads attached to the Velcro straps prevent it from slipping during use and hold a didgeridoo without causing any surface damage – safe for painted, oiled, varnished finishes.
  • 35mm (1 5/8") lightweight aluminium tubing.

Please note that didgeridoos in the photos are for demonstration purposes only, they do not come with the stands.


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