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Indoor Foam Boomerang Red


  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Foam
Lightweight Foam Boomerang with three soft wings.
Triple winged boomerang that returns to your position after it has been thrown. The lightweight foam body not only makes it a nippy little flyer, but also means it is relatively safe to use indoors and around other people.This is the red model, also available in blue.
    Boomerang features
  • Lightweight foam boomerang at only 19g
  • 26cm diameter
  • Soft and light enough for indoor use
  • Safe for children to use

How to Throw a Boomerang
There is a certain amount of skill involved when throwing a boomerang, to make it come back to you. Below is a guide and some pointers to help you get the most out of your boomerang.
  • Throw the boomerang with your right hand
  • Hold the end of one of the wings between thumb and forefinger
  • Make sure the curved side (top) is facing inwards
  • The boomerang should be just off vertical (about 1 'o' clock)
  • Face into the wind (if outdoors)
  • Throw at 45 degree angle to the wind (similar to sailing)
  • Emphasis on spin – not how hard you throw

Customising Your Boomerang
Many factors affect the way a boomerang flies, you can alter your boomerang quite easily to change how it flies, here are some pointers.
  • Reduce the Flying Circle
    Holding one wing of the boomerang with the top side face up, gently twist the last third of the wing to the left in an anti-clockwise direction. The change in shape does not need to be much to have an effect. By doing this you will decrease the size of the circle the boomerangs flies.
  • Float on Return
    You can cause your boomerang to spin downwards at the end of its flight, like a sycamore leaf to land gently in your hands. To do this hold the boomerang face up then gently bend each wing upwards approximately half to two thirds from the edge towards the centre.
  • Increase Flying Circle
    If you want to make the flying circle larger for your boomerang them you can fix small weight under the bottom of each wing in the centre near the tip (for example, tape a small coin). If the weight is to heavy it will not fly properly so it is best to experiment with as light a weight as possible and build up slowly.
  • Stability
    Fixing a small weight in the centre of the boomerang will help to stabilise it during flight and make it steadier. Keep the weight light otherwise it will ruin the boomerangs flight path.

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