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A couple of things wot dus need to be sed

Throughout this site I have tried ensure it is as user friendly as possible with the emphasis on sharing information, making it available to all, including links within and without this site.

All advice and material on this website is for information purposes and provided with the best of intentions. I want to share as much as possible, and reflects what I do or think. Especially in respect of using tools and equipment, I do not accept any liability for actions taken based on the content of this website. The advice, reccommendations on this site are my own and reflect no other persons opinion (unless I am quoting someone in which case it would be stated). If you have any questions, by all means contact me.

It's easy for people to think "I know, if I put 'I do not accept liability' then there will be no come-back's" on their respective websites and have done with it. However I believe there is a responsibility - legally, morally and ethically - so the following pages help to meet those responsibilities.


For more detailed information with regards to copyrighted material on this site.


For more detailed information in respect of personal inforamtion.

Didgeridoo Respect

For more information on the cultural/spiritual aspects of the didgeridoo.

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