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Musicians and Bands

A collection of information and video on didgeridoo groups, bands and musicians with links (where available) to their website, Facebook and MySpace.

I am lucky to have seen, met, and listened to many fantastic didgeridoo performers, artists and bands over the years, covering many genres of music. I hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as I have.

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Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is a wonderfully talented multi instrumentalist from New South Wales, Australia who has been delighting audiences for a number of years.

From 2002's 'To Let' album, through to 2007's White Moth, Rudd gradually refined his globally-influenced collage of world music a matchless mixture of reggae, funk, blues, and folk, with the ability to stimulate people's spirits. With 2008's Dark Shades of Blue, though, the world was welcomed into a darker, more somber side of Rudd's music. As he explains it, his musical output at that time may have been a slight glimpse of what was soon to come.

Yothu YindiClick to visit:

Yothu Yindi

Yothu Yindi hail from the Yolngu (Aboriginal) homelands on the north-east coast of Australia's Northern Territory, a country the Yolngu have occupied and protected for perhaps 40,000 years or more. The Yolngu members of the band celebrate their deep spiritual connections with the land, connections that are kept alive through song and dance and ceremony, public aspects of which are found within the band's recordings and live performances.

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