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Musicians and Bands

A collection of information and video on didgeridoo groups, bands and musicians with links (where available) to their website, Facebook and MySpace.

I am lucky to have seen, met, and listened to many fantastic didgeridoo performers, artists and bands over the years, covering many genres of music. I hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as I have.

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M T Yidaki

Michael Teijgeler (aka MT-Yidaki) began playing didgeridoo in 1993. Since then he has developed a unique sound that is best described as 'Ethno-Techno'.

He is internationally known for his powerful and groovy style. As a musician he also travels throughout Europe. In 2003 he went for the first time to Australia and spent two weeks in an aboriginal community in Arnhem Land. In 2009 he spent four weeks in Arnhem Land and visited several out-stations, strengthening his relationship with the Yolngu.

Currently he performs solo and as guest musician and his band RAMM and 3ple-D.

Mack Yidhaky

Mack Yidhaky is the best known Latin American Didgeridoo player, coming from Chile. Playing since 1997, experimenting with the sounds and developing a style of playing psychedelic trance. He now performs and teaches across the globe.

He maintains one of the most important websites in spanish on the Australian Aboriginal culture and Didgeridoo. Mack travelled to Australia in 2007, collecting information on Aboriginal worldview, music and art in the Australian Northern Territory, learning about art and ancient stories of the Dreamtime, as well as learning more about Didgeridoo from aboriginal elders.

Mark Atkins

Mark Atkins is a descendant from the Yamitjti people of Western Australian and Irish-Australian heritage. Mark is a master of the didgeridoo, a storyteller, song writer, drummer and visual artist and also a prolific instrument maker.

Acknowledged as one of Australia's finest didgeridoo players, Mark Atkins is also recognised internationally for his collaborative projects with some of the worlds leading composers and musicians such as Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Philip Glass, Ravi Shankar, Sinead OConnor, Australian icons James Morrison, Jenny Morris, John Williamson, Jimmy Barnes Paul Kelly, Shane Howard, Gondwana and many more.

Markus Meurer

Markus Meurer has performed for years at didgeridoo festivals throughout Europe. He is both didgeridoo teacher and performer.

His first band 'droned' formed in 2001 together with Benny Klafki and Clouse Mayerböck. In 2005 Markus started the project 'Neverest' with the multi-instrumentalist Stephan Braun. They played at festivals all over Europe. In 2006 he released his first CD together with the world music producer Yomano from Berlin. In 2006 Markus played with the percussionist Elad Neeman from Israel together at the Didgeridoo Festival Israel.

Markus currently performs as one third of the organic dance trio Airtist.

Nick Burman

Nick Burman is one of a handful of skilled didgeridoo professionals in the U.K. He spends his time performing and teaching the didgeridoo and related culture.

Nick first became involved with the didgeridoo and aboriginal culture in 1993, since then he has travelled widely, including extended visits to Australia, and extensively throughout the U.K. performing and teaching.

In Australia, Nick toured the top end of that expansive country, gaining first hand experience form the native aboriginal peoples. During his time amongst the indigenous peoples, he was fortunate enough to receive tuition direct from a didgeridoo master called David Blanasi.

Ondrej Smeykal

A one-man Didgeridoo orchestra is perhaps the best way of describing the extraordinary music of phenomenal Didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal.

His highly original style of play is the result of a life completely devoted to his instrument. For well over a decade and with ever increasing intensity, Ondrej has been developing and redefining his own unique approach to the Didgeridoo.

His predominant use of unusually long Didges and 'extensions' of up to 4 metres in length, enable him to play incredibly deep tones and to produce a much wider range of sounds and overtones than are possible on regular didgeridoos.

Si Mullumby

A musical astronaut, Si has developed a totally new style of playing didgeridoo - mixing tight vocal percussive beats with phat didge bass grooves to create an awesomely textured sonic environment.

From Byron Bay, Australia, Didge Si is known for high-energy organic trance, drawing on rhythms from all over the world and inspired by both indigenous sounds and grooves of the present.

Didge Si is one half of the duo called Wild Marmalade who together with drummer Matt Goodwin, produce a natural organic musical intensity usually only heard from computers and synthesizers but live and without any effects, sequences or samples.

Tomdoo (Thomas Macat)

Since 2002 Tomdoo (Thomas Macat) has been an extremely enthusiastic didgeridoo player. Over the years, my style of playing has been greatly enriched and expanded through the influences of various workshops (with Bruce Rogers, among others, Sven Molder, Ondrej Smeykal, Tom Fronza, Marc Miethe, Dubravko Lapaine, Ali Andress, Will Thoren). My playing has now developed into my own stle. This knowledge I pass on through my workshops for beginners, as well as advanced users.

Tomdoo has a new album out called Sapana Yatra, see his website for details.

Wild Marmalade

Wild Marmalade are a high energy dance music Duo from Byron Bay, Australia. They use all natural instruments to create totally live organic dance music. Wild Marmalade blends the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo with modern techno rhythms to create fresh innovative dance music.

Their sound is a meeting of Didge Si's rhythmic didjeridu playing, combined with the explosive grooves of Matt Goodwin on kit and log drums.

Together they produce a musical intensity usually only heard from computers and synthesizers. The incredible music and sounds Wild Marmalade create is organic and live - without any effects, sequences or samples.

William Thoren

William Thoren is a crafter, performer and photographer best known for discovering and developing the Drop Octave and Multi Drone techniques. He lives in Southern California in the heart of the Santa Monica mountains.

William picked up the didgeridoo at the age of 11 while on a family vacation in Costa Rica. All throughout middle school and high school made his own didgeridoos out of PVC pipe, yucca, and later hard woods. William now only makes wooden instruments. In 2007 he traveled to Australia to further pursue the art of playing and crafting the didgeridoo. While there he traveled for 3 months with William Barton, an acclaimed Aboriginal didgeridoo player who performs with symphony orchestras worldwide.

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