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Wooden Didgeridoo 0025

All my didgeridoos are hand made by myself, and made to be played. If you want to know what goes into making a wooden didgeridoo such as this, further information can be found in How to Make a Didgeridoo.

Copperman Wooden Didgeridoo 0025

D Sweet Chestnut Didgeridoo

Copperman Wooden Didgeridoo 0025 mid

Background: The only piece of Nymans (near Crawley, Sussex, run by the National Trust)sweet chestnut I have managed to use. Nice and straight with a lovely foot for the bell where the brach had attached to the trunk. Resin coated for strength.

Copperman Wooden Didgeridoo 0025 Mouthpiece
Copperman Wooden Didgeridoo 0025 Detail
Copperman Wooden Didgeridoo 0025 Bell

Wood: Sweet Chestnut

Key: D

Toot: F#

Mouthpiece: 30mm

Bell: 7.5x8cm

Length: 150cm

Weight: 1.9kg

Apologies for the some of the small images, I lost most of my images due to hard drive failure and these are all that I was able to recover.

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