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How to Make a Wooden Didgeridoo
Part 4 - Cutting in Half

Welcome to, a website built and run by myself, Matthew Willems a.k.a. Copperman, to promote and share in my passion with the didgeridoo (an amazing wind instrument traditionally found in Australia), along with my interest in music, art, craft, and pyrography (the art of burning into wood).

Inside this website you will find loads of information about the didgeridoo including how to make a wooden didgeridoo, how to play the didgeridoo, didgeridoo care and repair, UK didge scene, and copious free mp3 sound samples for you to listen to and/or download.

There is an on-line shop where you can purchase many of the items I make - didgeridoos, art, craft as well as music to download and more.

Shop Main Index Page


Didgeridoos, musical instruments, accessories, CDs. All the things I make plus a few other items you might find interesting.

Professional Didge Services Index

Professional Didgeridoo Services

Professional didgeridoo services from school workshops to corporate events.

Didgeridoo Making Index

Making Didgeridoos

Making split wood didgeridoos, plastic didges. Instructions, information, images and video.

Didgeridoo Playing Index


Playing the didgeridoo from beginner through to building your own rhythms. Free tutorials.

Didgeridoo Music Index


Collection of didge music from around the globe. Reviews, mp3s, SoundCloud and YouTube.

UK Didge Scene Index

UK Didge Scene

What's what who and where on the didge scene in the UK. Clubs gigs, events and festivals.

Didgeridoo Galleries Index


Galleries and albums of didges, festivals, events and workshops.

Didgeridoo Care and Repair Index


Repair and maintenance of your didgeridoo. Help, advice, hints and tips. Video tutorials.

Didgeridoo Didge Info Index

Didge Info

Information, frequently asked questions, history, culture and more about the didgeridoo.

Blog Main Page


Articles, write ups, info, events and other meanderings about the didgeridoo.